Thursday, March 12, 2009

Welcome to Feature Friday!

Hi and welcome to our FIRST "Feature Friday"!
Our very special guest today is....One of my bestest friends...we've been friends for 18 years...oh my is that possible that it's been that long?!! LOL Anyway...I am so excited to share a little about her, and her wonderful blog "3anniemouse3" & her wonderful Etsy Shop!!

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about you...
My name is Ann Withers. I am 36, and am married, and have 3 girls.

How long have you been sewing?
I have been sewing for 20 years. That includes sewing clothing and making over 27 quilts.

What inspired you to open your Etsy Shop?
I have several friends who have either shopped at Etsy or had shops for several years. I need a way to make a little extra cash; plus I am passionate about helping the environment by getting people to stop using plastic grocery sacks.
Tell us a little about a day in your life ...
I wake up early to fix something for my hubby to eat for lunch (he takes his lunch everyday) and depending how far open my eyes are, I will either fall back into bed or start moving the kids toward breakfast. We do homeschool in the mornings. My 6 year old has just taken off on reading; so she doesn't need me as much right now. I can catch up on emails, facebook, and etsy while the girls are doing their school. Then I take time to think about projects I want to make for Etsy. I currently planning some freestyle quilted bags--it takes a lot of thought. I make lunch for us--my girls' favorite is my homemade mac-n-cheese. The afternoons are spent sewing or cleaning house. If I make something, I try to get it listed on Etsy before I have to make supper. My husband works at a CPA firm so he's been getting home really late (it's that time of year); so I try to keep supper warm for him. I'm usually watching my favorite crime investigator show by the time he gets home. He gets his plate and comes to sit by me. I start moving the kids toward bed after my shows are over. My last deed of everyday is to clean the kitchen. I'm ocd about leaving my kitchen dirty overnight. (perhaps that hails from days in Bolivia when the ants would carry off your kitchen if you left anything out.) Fall into bed.

Please tell us what is most important for you to share with others that are just getting started with crafting and selling on Etsy?
Patience! Although I have not sold as much as I would like to yet, I have learned to not get frustrated. List something (but not too much) every other day to get your name out there often. I am doing blogs, forums, and telling any friend, family, or aquaintance who will give me two seconds about my shop. I know it will eventually pay off!

Wow Ann! Thanks so much for sharing this with us! I appreciate Ann's endevour to help make our world a more "GREEN" place to live! We should really take this and run with it! So...friends, please go check out Ann's blog and Etsy shop...and show a girl some love! :)

Hope you all enjoyed our first "Feature Friday"! I'll be contacting the next Etsian for our interview next week!!

Have a blessed day!



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