Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A week of Menu Planning... what is yours?

I'm looking thru my pantry, and trying to figure out how to use what I have on hand to create some delicious meals for my family. I'm not one that does very good at meal planning....I've always been a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl...and I really want to change that this year!

I need to plan dinners for until next Monday, when my hubby gets paid. Then I'll restock my pantry/freezer and create a new menu plan!

Okay, so here is what I have so far:

Tonight: Beef Enchilda's, Black beans & rice
Thursday: leftovers maybe? .... we'll be eating at the New Year's Eve party
Friday: Hot wing Chicken pizza, Cheese pizza (homemade of course) :) +carrot sticks
Saturday: Spaghetti, garlic bread and broccoli and garlic stir fry
Sunday: Cheesy Chicken & Rice dish, peas, cheesy bread

We were blessed yesterday by my niece Jen, who dropped off a BIG bag full of bagels, 2 huge loaves of bread..all from the Panera Bread company! I was sooo excited! We'll be snacking on those all this week! Thanks Jen!

Well I'd love to hear what you are planning for meals this week! Make sure to post them in the comments...or send me a link to yours!

Have a wonderful last 2 days of 2009!

~ Jackie

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