Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Here's What I've Been Up Too....

Inbetween sewing purse orders....I've been sneeking in some extra sewing!!

It's not too late to come join us! You have to go check out The Old Red Barn Co. and see what Dana has us all doing!!! :o) is what I've done so far...I'm a little behind....but I'm getting there!

So, here's the fabric I ended up choosing to use.....

Here are my strips all cut out and ready to be sewn together.....

And here is where I'm strips are sewn I need to cut them into blocks, lay them out, and sew the quilt together!

So, girls.... come join us! It's been fun...and Dana has some FABULOUS GIVE-AWAYS going on too!!!
Even if you are new to sewing, you could do this quilt too!! Make sure to check it out!

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  1. girl, you're keeping busy! love those fabrics.

    sara o'


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