Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Busy little bees!

Hi all,
I'm sorry for not posting sooner, I have been so that the girls are out of school, our lives are full of all kinds of fun! :) We have been busy, with softball practice, my 2 middles girls got new bikes, so we've been taking them to the park and our church to ride them, I got my youngest potty trained FINALLY! WOOHOO! I love having my girls at home. life seems to be complete. I am very blessed when I think of how God has blessed me!!

We are still without internet at our house... sometimes it will work, but most days it just won't connect for more than a few seconds, so today I ran over to our church again to use their wireless. I'm thankful I can get on's hard to run a business without it.

Well let's see... I've been busy making more bags... a nursing cover-up for a friend's sister, more appliqued towels, pot holders, posie pins.... the list goes on! A local craft/candle shop is having a June Fair this weekend and hope to be able to set up with a full supply of new items! I love, love, love to create.... :)

These pics show the bags unfinished...they are now available for sale...but I haven't listed them on Etsy due to my internet being down. If you would like one, please just leave me a comment here. I'm going to try and get the posted before the week is up. :) I have several more new ones to add too..just no pics yet.
I'll try to keep you all posted.... I have a FUN project in the works... just for you all! So check back to hear more details!!

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  1. Yea for fun time with children and a big congratulations on the potty training completion! That is great! :o)
    Your purses are so cute!! You sew beautifully! Best of wishes on your sales this weekend!!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne


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