Monday, March 23, 2009

"Polka Dot Parade"!!

I'm excited to share with you all a wonderful blog I've just the name of On The Dot Creations. Julie, does a wonderful, FUN monthly feature called "Polka Dot Parade" and she features other's long as they have "polka dots" on them! How FUN is that!!! As you all know... I LOVE polka dots! And Julie has graciously accepted my creations to be one of the items this month on her Parade!! HOooow COOL! I'm excited!

Anyway.... I would love it if you would go check out her blog! You will enjoy it! I know I do! Thanks Julie for everything you do!!

Enjoy your evening!


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  1. Hey Jackie...That's cool! I wanted to also share with you that my 573 blog is no more...I have instead set up a blog for my skin care products, but I still have my personal blog journal too.

    Here are the links...



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