Saturday, July 5, 2008

Decorating our homes....

I want to say a little about my LOVE for decorating my home. I have always loved to make homemade items(pillows, quilts, napkins, etc) to make our home nice and cozy. Well I am about to have fun once again, because we have a new home to decorate....I am planning on making a new slipcover for my couch and I've never done that before so hopefully it will work out. I haven't found the right fabric I'll be on the look out for some over the next few weeks. "Mistreatments" are on my list for my windows too...make sure to check out my earlier post about that.

I love sharing other blogs that inspire me, so here's a new one to check out... Kimba at A Soft Place To Land has some FABULOUS repurposed furniture ideas.... gotta love it! I am totally going to buy some spray paint soon to redo some of our wooden furniture! Thanks Kimba for the beautiful ideas!

Have a blessed weekend!!

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