Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Decorating On A Dime

Well, yesterday morning I went to run some errands and discovered a little thrift shop in our town open. It's one that I've never been to before, so I went in and started looking....and found some great things to decorate my bathroom!

I wanted to do a beach/ocean them, because the walls are blue, and we can't paint any of the rooms because we are just renting, so... I found a shower curtain set for $3, sea shell curtain rings $.75, a basket of shells 2.oo, and I bought a rug for $3. So for 8.75, I found almost everything I need to create a nice decorative bathroom! I have an oil painting of a ship on the ocean that my hubby bought on one of his trips, and a shelf and a few other things to help accessorize in that room also.

There are 2 things I dislike about my bathroom.... whoever lived in this house before stenciled a country floral border on the wall, so I'm having to be creative to cover it up! LOL It's at the top of the wall by the ceiling one on each open wall.

I forgot to take before pictures of the other side.....SO.... here was my solution for the other wall. I'm not sure if it looks okay or not. What do you think? I wasn't sure what else to do to cover up that border above the picture. If you all can think of something else I can do....Please leave me a comment.

and an up close shot of the shells on the swag

up close of the shelf

a plain white basket I glued shells too... It will hold our wash cloths.

Okay, for some reason I have not been able to get the last picture to upload. I've tried 5 times and it just sits there for 20 minutes and does nothing....arrgghh! l have the big wall to finish decorating. I have a project in the works... and will post pics after it's done.

I will be posting a little later another before and after shot of our front porch.

Have a blessed morning,



  1. What great ideas!!! :) and the deals you found were awesome! great job

  2. Great job. I love decorating on a dime ideas!


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