Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Happy Wednesday, friends!!

Wow! It's been a really, really long time since I posted anything on my blog! So much of my life has changed, it's amazing how life is constantly revolving and things change within a matter a a few minutes, a few months, and few years.

  I want to just bring you all up to speed on things.  I became a single mama in January, 2014. Divorce is never what a person wants, but there are times that a marriage is so toxic that a divorce is necessary and mine was.  It hasn't been easy, going from a stay at home mom, who homeschooled, lived a simple life, to become a working, single mom, but I have managed.  Life has been full of heartache, disappointments, and trials for me, but I continue to push thru it all, determined to rise from these ashes.  I have a new life, not toxic like before. I am happy again, I have found a new outlook on life and I couldn't be more thankful!

So, in January 2015 I met someone..... his name is Brian. I have an incredible life now with a wonderful man. God knew I needed someone like him to make me realize that LOVE is not a bad, hurtful word, that only brings pain.  He is the funniest, most handsome, straight forward, honest man I know! When Brian came into my life I honestly wasn't looking for anyone, but I'm so thankful our paths crossed when they did. I feel like it was fate that day we met, then on our first date waiting for him to get to the restaurant, everything in me said to run, because I was flat out scared of being hurt again, I chose to be calm, and tell myself it was okay. Haha!  I'm pretty sure I have never been starred at so much in my life. I know at one point I covered my face and told him to just quit looking at me. LOL!  Ahhh, I just laugh when I look back on it. We talked for hours that first night, I think I laughed more than I had in the 20 yrs prior. Then... when he quoted my favorite quote off the movie Sweet Home Alabama, I about fell out of the car. No, really!  I had never told him that was my favorite quote, and that one day I wanted a man to feel that way about me. Hmmm... I don't know, but maybe that was my sign.  We seriously have been inseparable since. Well, yes physically, but you know what I mean.  So this amazing man that I'm so crazy in love with has 3 kids.  His oldest is 23, a son, then 2 daughters we raise part time, they are 15, 10. Then we have my 2 littlest ones, my youngest daughter is now 11, and my son 5.  I love our little family, although I miss having all my children around, I know it is part of life. They grow up, get married and move on! 

Speaking of getting married, my 2nd oldest daughter got married in May 2014 and just this past August made me a grandma, of course I go by Nana!  I am sooooo in love with my beautiful grand daughter! Alyssa has brought so many smiles and melted hearts to this bunch! Since they live in Texas, we have to do video chats, but that works and Alyssa loves it! I am so thankful for advanced technology! :)  

Doesn't she just melt your heart just a little, or a whole lot?!! We are so blessed! 

I have to run for now, got somethings I need to do before everyone gets home. I hope you have enjoyed getting to hear a little about what is going on in my world.  I would love to hear from you all!  I do hope you all have a wonderful day! I have so much I want to do and will be sewing soon! 

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  1. Congratulations on all the great changes you've made. Glad you're happy again!


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