Saturday, March 26, 2011

Been working on hard on a "SPECIAL" project! :)

Well, it truly has been forever since I blogger, in the last 8 months, we moved to a new home, found out after 5yrs we are expecting our " surprise" baby aka my "Special Project" was a shock, after having 2 miscarriages, since our last daughter. So since December, I have been on bedrest, trying to keep our sweet "little man" tucked in & safe! Yes, after 5 daughters we have been blessed with a BOY!!! :) We are excited, I feel very blessed, although this sweet little man wasn't in MY plans, and after a very difficult year, feeling like my world/ marriage had crumbled down around me, I truly am thankful for God's plan, His ways are always so much better than ours, and He knows after this long year of hurt & frustration, that this baby boy would bring healing to my heart and life.

So needless to say, we expect our son to be born sometime between the middle of May to the middle of June. :) I had our last daughter at 35 weeks after months of bedrest, so I kinda look for Clayton to be born sometime around then. I will be spending the next 8 weeks trying to prepare for his arrival! I have so much I want to do, like: sew a diaper bag & accessories, and finish setting up & decorating his part of our bedroom. :)

I hope to be back in business, shortly after he is born. I have so many new designs, that I can't wait to get sewn up and show you all!! Hopefully soon I will be able to give you all some sneak peaks! :)
I hope you all have a blessed weekend!!


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