Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hi... I'm finally back to blogland!

My dear followers, I'm sorry for not being here know the big NEWS I wanted to share with you all....well this past week the news became, not so good news. :(

I was sooo excited, because we had found out I was expecting a baby! I was thrilled...yes it would have been our 6th little one....but God has a bigger plan, and I ended up in a miscarriage. So, this past week and a half, I've been trying to recover physically and emotionally. It's not our first miscarriage... we've had 6 now... and you know... I am soooo incredibly thankful for the 5 blessings God has blessed us with. =) I really had hoped we would have a little boy for my husbands sake...considering we have all girls...but only the Lord knows....and we can rest in knowing HE is an all loving and merciful father to us. And I can rest in knowing that.

As far as other news... I have opened a new Etsy shop called.....

Toadstools N Blossoms's for all things delightful for childern!
You can check out my new shop at:

I don't have time for any pics..but I'll try to post some tomorrow!

Have a blessed evening....and make sure to hug your children!!



  1. I'm so sorry to hear your news--You are in my thoughts and prayers. We are all certainly blessed for our little ones. Best of luck to you.
    Love, Brenda

  2. hi jackie,

    sorry to hear of your miscarriage. def take time to heal -- it's a good perspective to have in remembering God and your other sweet lovely children.

    blessings, carol


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