Monday, May 11, 2009

The Inland Hurricane that hit our town...

Hi everyone! Wow...Friday started out to be a "normal" day...only to turn into the worst storm we've ever had hit our town! We ended up having a storm that turned into a "Hurricane" with 90+ mph winds. It was the MOST scariest storm I have ever been thru..and my poor little girls we terrified as the house shook and the trees fell all around our home...even landing on our back deck...and thru it all God protected us from any trees actually hitting our house!

Here are some pics....words can not describe the destruction that hit our town....

This is looking right out my back door. it totally ruined the chain link fence...we have about 8 trees down in the backyard.

My brother in law's car lot...the wind totally blew the thick glass right out of the frames... damaged his show car that he won 2nd place for the past weekend....

more pics from around town...

Well that's all I can post for now... we've got major cleaning up to do...and these picks don't even touch the surface of the damage this storm has done.

I hope to post some fun goodies in a few days.


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  1. Wow- I live in hurricane country too so I know how scary and bad it can be.

    I am glad that everyone is OK.



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