Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm Always Creating Something New!

Good morning! How is everyone today? Me...well I'm good. I do have a slight headache...but I think that was from staying up to late last night watching movies with my girls! LOL.

Well the last few days I was creating... I'm always thinking up new ideas...are you all like that? I lay in bed sometimes and just have ideas come to mind...and then have to get up and sketch them out. My hubby just laughs at me... and asks...."do you ever stop thinking?" LOL He says I need to rest my mind..hehehe. :) Gotta love him! are this weekends inspirations....
This is the "girly girl" bag

And this one I haven't named yet...LOL! Any ideas?

You can see more detail pics of these styles over at my Etsy shop, you can get there my clicking on the pics above.

** As always, if you find a style you like, but don't want that fabric, I am more than happy to do "CUSTOM"m orders just for you! Just send me a convo on Etsy or leave me a comment here!

I hope you all enjoy this gorgeous day!



  1. Yeah, that is a good name! :) How are things going for you? I was over at your blog again the other day..seeing what's new! :)


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