Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Frugal Homemaking and FREE STUFF!


Today I'm changing my theme a little! A friend of mine posted some great info on coupons, saving money, being frugal... so I would love for you to check her out today over @ Anita's Journal . Anita also has a link for "FREE STUFF" from Red Box Rentals. You can get a free Monday night Red Box Rental! Who doesn't LOVE a FREE Movie??!!! So Click on the link below and snatch that up! :)

On another note...
I don't know about you all...but I am desperately trying to cut back on our grocery bill, but with a family of 7, things are going to be more expensive than some smaller families. I've started clipping coupons, and using them as I remember...LOL. Yeah, like I said I'm still trying to learn all this!

Just this morning on CBS I watched a clip from "Be CentsAble" they have a blog...make sure to click on the link above. These ladies do lectures/seminars all over the country now teaching others how to be frugal! This is sooo awesome! I know I could totally use this kind of thing.

Please check this out...these ladies have shared a wealth of information!!


Okay...Here's an added addition to this mornings post! After searching thru info about coupons...I remembered that my girls are doing a "Fundraiser" for their school and guessed it....COUPON books!!

If you live in Missouri, you will be interested in these! They are for "Country Mart" Grocery Stores. If you have a Country Mart store near you, then this coupon book is FULL of great savings!

On top of all the "in store" coupons provided in this book, you also can save an extra $5 when you purchase $50 at the store at one time!!

*These coupon books are only $5 for each booklet with 45 different coupons, plus the extra $5 savings w/purchase of /$50 purchase. Ladies, you can use Manufacture Coupons along with these for added savings!

Let me know if you would like to purchase any! All sales do go towards funding "Faith Christian Academy" here in Fredericktown, MO.


Okay, well if have any grocery/money saving tips...I would love to hear them! Please don't be shy! If you stop by to read...please leave a little "Hello" so I know you were here! :)

Have a wonderfully blessed day,


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  1. Hey girly! We can do this together. We can save big bucks! I just posted on a couple links I'm using. Talk to you soon!


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