Friday, March 6, 2009

I want SPRING!!

Hey... call me crazy..but I can hardly wait for spring to get here! I am sooo enjoying this gorgeous weather we have been having, and sure hope it stays that way!
I have been a sewing maniac this past week...sewing orders, creating fun new things! I can't seem to get enough! haha!

Here's something to help brighten your day! I am trying to brighten up my kitchen some...and love bright fun colors...I guess that is just my personality. I don't wear bright colors...but I like them. :)

You can find these adorable "spring" towels in my Etsy shop! You can buy one...or buy'em all! They are too cute hanging together in my kitchen! :)

Hope your day is bright...where ever you are!



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  1. Your towels are adorable! I just may wonder into your shop and get them all!


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