Sunday, July 13, 2008

Visiting with my parents...then comes FRUSTRATION

I had a wonderful but short visit with my parents...they arrived about 3pm yesterday, and left about 9:30am this morning. It was great to see them....but girls enjoyed visiting with them also. Our visit was cut short due to my other siblings wanting to see my parents also. In my family there are 5 sisters and 3 parents already stopped by my sister who lives outside of Chicago, then stopped by here to see me in Missouri and so today they are going to visit 2 more of my sisters and 2 of my brothers.

This is my adorable soon to be 3yr old and she has only seen her grandparents 2-3 times since she was born....and she actually warmed up to them quite well considering that....but when I tried to explain to her that her grandparents were my "mommy & daddy".... well that didn't fly to well!! I seriously had to laugh because I tried to tell her, that just like she was my baby and I carried her in my belly...and that her "Nana" carried me in her belly when I was a baby... well...she got all upset and said "HUH".... and stomped off...she came back into the room and she asked again about it...and then she said she didn't like that they were my mommy & daddy...and that "HER DADDY IS MY DADDY".... and walked off. She gets such an attitude about things like....she is my most protective and possessive child. I told her not to worry, because I wasn't leaving with them, and that I would still be here for her. She was okay after she realized that.

Okay.. on to my FRUSTATION..... I had taken some cute pictures of our visit with my parents , also some pictures of a large ottoman I had recovered to put in a post today.... this morning while I was cooking breakfast, and visiting....I realized my camera card was full... so I went and saved the pics to my computer, and then deleted my pics off my camera card....only to realize about an hour later that we had 2 camera cards in the printer and I saved the pics off the one card I wasn't using, therefore I DELETED the set of pics off the card that I hadn't saved yet.............. OH MY GOODNESS........... I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THAT.... I could just kick myself!!! I guess that's what I get for trying to multi-task..... UGH. Thankfully most of the pictures I deleted I had already printed off, but I did have about a couple months worth of pictures I hadn't printed or saved. I could cry...but that won't do any good. I will just have to take some more to make up for it!

Well, inspite of it all, things are good, we are very blessed and very thankful for the time I had with my parents. Here's a cute pic of my girls this morning.....after breakfast.

Yes, my second oldest daughter is sleeping again! LOL She will probably freak out when she sees I posted this! hahaha! Oh well... you gotta love being the mom!

Well, I'm going to jump off here today....I have got to get my sewing area set up...because I have purse orders to get filled.

Have a wonderful Sunday!



  1. Jackie, You have such a great attitude about deleting your pictures. It would have ruined my day. I just recently attended my middle son's graduation from high school with an empty card ready to fill with wonderful memories. Only the battery gave out about 10 minutes into the ceremony. I had some people take pictures, but it just isn't the same.
    In my house, if anyone is napping, it's me.
    I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I really enjoy it. It's great to have blog friends.

  2. Thanks for your honesty in the comment that you left for me. I'm wrestling with some of the same things. We're moving in 2-1/2 weeks and I think I might lose my mind. And I dealt with some post-partum depression after the birth of my second son. It's under control now but it's debilitating. Please make sure your addressing the issue during this stressful time.

    I will stop and pray for you now.

    The Lord has given us a new rock to stand on. He is good!


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