Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It Doesn't Have To Be Perfect To Be Beautiful....

I love the way The Nester says's so true. We strive for perfection when in fact we can be imperfect and yet, still be a blessing to our family and others! I know this post doesn't have to do with decorating my home, but just another way I am blessing my family (my girls) and 2 of my sweet little niece's!

Last night I was surfing the web looking for a tutorial for a "Girls Apron Dress". I have patterns I could use, but I was to lazy to go dig thru a basement full of boxes to try and find them, so.....I came across an old shirt of my daughters, that was similar to the style I had wanted, so I cut it apart to use as an outline. I then went to cutting...and these dresses only took me an hour per dress to make! I was so excited. They are simple, pull over your head style dresses, with ribbon sashes, gathered sleeves, gathered skirts and a cute apron to boot! I did make my own binding to coordinate with the other fabrics I was using. I love how they turned out and my girls are thrilled!!!Lined up from biggest to the smallest. My girls picked out the fabrics for each of the dresses. I think they did a good job!

My girls LOVE "Pride and Prejudice" in fact my 2 yrs watches it all the time. Makes me laugh....she asks if she can watch "Mr. Darcy". hahhaa! So these dresses were inspired by good old Jane Austin.

Too Sweet! Aren't they cute??!!!

Here are a couple shots that are a little closer, so you can see the detail.

The girls totally LOVED their dresses! They just got home from softball games, so they're hot, sweaty, and their hair is a mess...but they had to try them on!

Have a good night!


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